Experienced Garden company established since 1998, specialising in paving, decking, fencing and all aspects of garden maintenance. Design service available working to your requirements.


We hold customer satisfaction as our primary objective without exception. We know this can only be achieved through the commitment hard work and attention to detail of all our staff. We always treat people with the greatest respect, and expect the same consideration in return from our clients.

We abide by the law at all times and expect our clients to do the same.

We endeavour to:

Always deliver what we promise and remain passionate about our work.

Always deliver what we promise.

Always treat customers as we ourselves would like to be treated.

The reputation of the whole company is in the hands of each individual.

All quotations are fully documented for peace of mind and assured delivery.


Costs vary from £14 per hour basic to £18 per hour for all works carried out with power machines.

Hedge cutting service £20 per hour

Garden design service £20 per hour

Paving at £70 per meter/squared plus slab cost

Turfing at £15 per meter for complete removal and re lay

Turfing at £8 per meter when ground ready prepared

Decking estimated at £80 per meter all inclusive

Artificial Grass estimate £40 per meter plus grass cost (£20 per m)

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